The APPEALS Project in Kano State in collaboration with the Technology Incubation Centre – AU Electronics Co Ltd, an indigenous electro mechanic company, the Kano State APPEALS introduced the gas and electric-powered Modern Gurasa Oven, a new innovation locally fabricated to replace the age-long traditional method of Gurasa making with the Tandaru (locally made ovenware pots) in Kano State.

Amina Abubakar is a member of Dala Nasara Wheat Processors MPCS and a supported beneficiary. According to her, the oven is faster, more hygienic and safe, free from direct contact with fire and heat.

“After placing my mixed dough in the fabricated oven for about 8 or 10 minutes, the Gurasa is ready. In the past, we used sticks and other flammable objects as fuel to bake. That required us to constantly fan the furnace when making our Gurasa. There is a major difference between the fabricated oven and the traditional method we used in the past to bake Gurasa. With the fabricated oven I can bake as much Gurasa as I want once it is heated and ready. The new improved method is far more effective and efficient. The old method is fraught with challenges because to sustain the appropriate level of heat we always had to keep fanning the local earthen pot while adding sticks and woods to keep the fire burning. No matter how good or careful you are, when using the old method you will get burnt. I suffered severe burning on my hands from the old method. This is one of the reasons this intervention is so good. Even the young ones can do this now with ease. This improved technology has brought progress to our Gurasa business”, Amina said.