The APPEALS Project has made major investments in bolstering rural infrastructure across the participating states. The achievements are evident in the linkage of over 202 agribusiness clusters to infrastructure support such as farm access roads, boreholes, tube wells, and box culverts.

To boost post-harvest loss handling and increase value addition, a total of 88 Aggregation and Cottage Processing Centres (ACPCs) benefiting various communities have been successfully constructed and equipped in the six participating states. These centres are distributed as follows: 15 each in Enugu, Kaduna, Kogi and Lagos; and 14 each in Kano and Cross River States respectively.

To ease accessibility to farmlands and linkages to aggregation centers and markets, a total of 66 kilometers of Farm Access Roads (FAR) have been constructed. Kaduna, Kano, Kogi, and Lagos States have completed the construction of Farm Access Roads based on their respective needs assessment reports, resulting in lengths of 13.3km, 13.3km, 13.0km, and 13.16km respectively. In Cross River State, six farm access roads measuring a total of 13.3km are also being constructed.

Furthermore, additional infrastructure support encompassing water and energy facilities have been implemented to varying extents across the participating states. Noteworthy achievements in this regard include the successful completion of 144 water projects and 19 energy infrastructure projects.