The Osara Women Cassava Processing Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) located in Osara, Kogi State comprises two Commodity Interest Groups of 10 members each. Prior to receiving project support, the group was limited to Garri processing. Following the intervention by APPEALS Project in the areas of training on value addition and improved processing technology, the group now works a lot more than they are used to, arising from a growing demand for two new processed products, thanks to the training by APPEALS.

Trained by Kogi APPEALS, the Osara women cassava processors have become adept after the new improved processing methods, and they can now liken their finished products to the very best in the market. Their latest and improved area of expertise is in the production of odorless Fufu flour and high quality cassava flour.

Hajarat Momoh is the Secretary of the MPCS: “Before now, we didn’t even have the idea of this, it was the normal Garri we were doing and selling. It was the APPEALS Project that taught us that it was possible to derive other products from the cassava. We were surprised how it was possible, After the training, we have been doing it and the products taste perfectly okay and excellent”.

“We have a good market for cassava odorless Fufu flour and the flour. We sell to them in main markets and to workers even the university staff do buy from us”.

“All our members are very happy because this odorless cassava fufu is exactly like Poundo, no difference within five minutes you can prepare everything unlike the local one we were doing before that would take more than two hours”.

Whether it is Fufu or bread made from high quality cassava flour, these women are making significant impact in the market place and importantly earning more income and improving their livelihoods and their families.