The Women and Youth Empowerment Programme of the APPEALS Project popularly known as WYEP provided eligible women and youth selected from across the six participating states with business, technical and life skills training as well as a grant to set up their chosen agribusiness enterprises as individuals or group beneficiaries.

So far, the project has trained a total of 10,346 eligible Women & Youth beneficiaries against the target 10,200. Out of these, 10,260 beneficiaries [5,448 female (53.09%) and 4,812 male (46.90%) have been empowered with grants and fully linked with mentors, thus achieving more than the targeted 50% women participation. Each participating state has empowered at least 1700 beneficiaries.

Also captured under the WYEP are 650 person with disabilities empowered to actively participate in productive agribusiness ventures. We share some of the success stories from across the states.

Insurance Cover:

The need for agriculture insurance is a priority consideration and an important part of the Women and Youth Empowerment Programme (WYEP) under the APPEALS Project.  The Lagos State APPEALS has demonstrated the successful implementation of the insurance component of the WYEP package, setting a good example for other participating states. Lagos APPEALS commenced issuance of insurance application forms to the beneficiaries in January 2022, in collaboration with Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and First Adequate Benefit Insurance Brokers Ltd.

The Lagos APPEALS has linked a total of 1,172 WYEP beneficiaries including Persons with Disability (PWDs) to Insurance cover with proper documentation for their agribusiness as a mitigation against unplanned losses that could arise and have had their insurance premium paid thereafter. Other beneficiaries are also in the process of enrolling for the insurance cover.

This subscription to Insurance services paid off for 5 WYEP beneficiaries who lost part of their poultry stock to disease outbreak. The five beneficiaries – Hammed Osiyemi, Yahya Mohammed, David Christiana, Moromoke Olanrewaju and Omolara Ojo received claim of between N50,000 and N210,000 as benefit by the First Adequate Benefit Insurance Brokers Limited.