Rafin Guza is a community in Kaduna North Local Government Area of Kaduna State where cattle rearing is a prominent source of livelihood. There are around 1,000 cows, and a few sheep and goats. Farmers keep their cattle within the compound of their residences and take them for grazing during the day.

A major challenge faced by the community was lack of access to water for their cattle, which affected the animals’ health and productivity, particularly in milk production. The situation prompted the farmers to request for Kaduna APPEALS’ assistance for the construction of a water trough to aid easy access to the water body.

Chairman, Rafin Guza Dairy Farmers Association, Jafaru Khalil said: “Before the pavement was constructed, it was hectic for us to steer our cattle towards the riverbank making water almost inaccessible to the livestock because the road was too muddy and difficult to navigate. Water shortage affects cattle badly, especially milk production. Now, after the intervention, approximately 200-300 cows access this water path on a daily”.

According to Jafaru, the local community members were engaged in the construction process, fostering a sense of ownership and involvement, adding that they now have access to sufficient water through the trough, benefiting not only cattle, but also other domestic animals such as sheep and goats.

The cluster secretary, Ibrahim Muhammad Amfani, said: “Our herds are now well hydrated, and have improved health and overall productivity. The APPEALS intervention has also brought us closer together as a community, nurturing unity among our members and a greater sense of solidarity among us”.