Terakesh Multi-purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) is one of the cashew processing groups in Idah Local Government Area of Kogi State was completely moribund before the intervention of the APPEALS Project. Made up of 10 groups, the Multipurpose Cooperative Society was supported by the Project with a fully automated cashew processing plant. A typical cashew seed is 75% shell and 25% nut the process of separation is tedious but not anymore for Terakesh since that process has now been fully automated.

Shaibu Kerimu, the Chairman of the MPCS said:

‘With the support of the APPEALS project, our narrative has taken a new turn for the better. Our factory now operates at full capacity, with a remarkable daily output of 4000 kg of cashew shells, removed with the aid of the cutting-edge A&B automatic desheller supported by the APPEALS, and daily output of 300kg of processed cashew nuts. Other equipment support include the steam boiler, sealing machine, drying plant, A&B automatic desheller, 3.5kva power generator, and a tricycle, among other machinery”

“With the automated system, we have moved from the crude way of doing things to the new improved modern method, which is faster and safer. The old crude method was slower with a lot of accidents but here accident is being minimized. Cashew separation is now made easier than what it was before. We were doing only 5 metric tons a month but now we can do 60 metric tons”

TERAKESH’s journey of recovery and growth is a compelling tale of collaboration and resilience, underscoring the significance of the Kogi APPEALS’ empowering support. The factory has re-emerged as a beacon of hope, fostering progress and prosperity within the community it serves.